Step 1: Students shall be divided into groups of two. Once students are placed into groups please begin exploring through our print library to find a project that you find interesting. Submit print to instructor for approval.

Step 2: Once your group has had its project approved please begin separating custom components from those that would be considered a standard component. Once you have established a list of standard and custom components within the BOM (Bill of Materials) submit it to the instructor. You will then receive back a list of the components that each individual in the group is responsible for within the group.

Step 3: Now that you have an approved project and BOM, you are ready to explore for standard components using a web browser or the helpful links below:

Step 4: Once appropriate model sources have been discovered please be sure to document the supplier and part number for each component for use in your BOM. Once this has been established begin incorporating these files into you assembly model.

Data Translation Help

Step 5: The group shall develop a set of fully developed working prints based on the Assembly file. Included in the BOM will be the suppliers name and part number for each standard component used. These prints will then be submitted for print check and grading.

Supplemental BOM Information